Socially responsible investing is an important consideration for many investors seeking both return as well as a portfolio that fits a particular value system. The term “socially responsible” can mean different things to different people which underscores the importance of understanding what truly matters to each individual investor. Many investors focus on socially responsible investment strategies to avoid investments in certain types of energy, tobacco products, and other broad categories. Your value system should be what guides your investment strategy and we believe is an important first step in developing an appropriate plan for investment. At Destination Wealth Management, we encourage investors to carefully assess what matters to them. Together, we construct a portfolio strategy that meets a specific framework for excluding assets that don’t comply with the value judgments of the individual investor. The ability to construct an investment policy statement appropriate to what you believe to be important is an important distinction that DWM provides to clients looking for a socially responsible strategy. We construct portfolio strategies and discuss the risks and return of the strategy developed so there is clarity on how the portfolio might operate. We invite you to learn more about socially responsible investing at Destination Wealth Management. We look forward to partnering with you as you develop a strategy for your long-term goals that is consistent with your own personal value system.