Children Are Important

Susan Jung |

I've been meaning to write something about a topic that is not financial, but important to everyone at DWM. It is important to DWM that we are good corporate citizens and give back to others.  Serving you matters to us; it’s our mission and passion.  And as we serve you, we also want to help those in our community that need assistance.  We believe it’s the right thing for us to do.
You may not be aware of this, but April was National Child Abuse Awareness month. This is a month focusing on highlighting how important it is for us to protect children from the dangers of child abuse and neglect.  
We believe very strongly in protecting those that are vulnerable and less fortunate than us and that is why one of our charitable goals is to support efforts to protect children and other vulnerable groups. A significant focus of these our efforts is doing all we can to make sure vulnerable children have the protections they need to live a happy and productive life.
If you have been to our office, you have no doubt noticed the colored tiles populating our ceiling (or you can view our community and culture video here- These tiles reflect contributions (both financial and in manpower) to serve others through our charitable efforts. Our foundation, is focused on doing all we can to help our community. This includes protecting the safety and well-being of children and it is an effort we intend on continuing. 


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