Three Things we are Looking for in the New Year

Susan Jung |

It’s sure to be a crazy 2020. But then again, I say that about the new year every year. Headlines seem to confirm every year that we live in a world that is rapidly changing and where the unthinkable seems to happen on an accelerated basis. I suspect this year will be exactly the same.

Listed below are three issues we will be monitoring in the New Year which we will be commenting on in future updates (and there are many other issues we will be watching). They are as follows:


  • Who will be elected
  • What tax policy will win out
  • What global uncertainties might arise from domestic politics
  • Will the regulation continue to be a theme
  • Who is likely to be elected president in November
  • What is the likely legislative outcome in terms of political affiliation weightings

Interest rates

  • Will current dovish interest rate policy remain in place
  • Will the China trade deal accelerating inflation and force the Federal Reserve to reconsider its current policy
  • Will the short-term fixed income markets stabilize
  • Will rates rise or fall and, if they rise, how will it affect real estate markets

Economic growth

  • Will GDP accelerate
  • What is the likelihood of a recession in 2020
  • Will low unemployment rate helps stimulate economic growth through consumer spending
  • What do holiday sales look like for online and brick-and-mortar retailers
  • How does the US economy compare against other global economies
  • Will Europe fall under recession based on Brexit fears
  • Will China stabilize its economy and move back towards stronger economic expansion

That’s a start. But in reality, there are literally dozens of issues that we are monitoring on a regular basis and their importance changes depending on news headlines and current conditions.

We will continue to monitor all of the issues that we think are important as we manage portfolios. Our entire trading, portfolio management, analyst, and investment policy teams are focused on understanding current conditions and assuring that we are invested in a way that gives you the greatest opportunity for success.

If you have any questions about this information, please let us know. Here’s hoping you are having a blessed holiday season. Oh, and one last thing: 

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