If you are searching for Concord financial advisor services1 that will craft a financial plan to your individual needs, consider Destination Wealth Management. While there are other Concord financial advisor firms1, we invite you to explore what we offer at Destination.  We are now accepting new clients who wish to establish a strategic financial plan and prepare for their future in this unpredictable world.


Measured planning in a volatile market

Right now, financial markets are volatile, to say the least. Whether you are focused on retirement planning, estate planning, insurance analysis, tax issues, gifting strategies or other financial needs, you need a plan that is grounded in thorough research and tailored to your individual situation. Our financial advisor services in Concord CA1 understand that your money is your own, and your financial plan should be your own, too.

Our planning process is just that — a process. It is not a one-step, one-time decision. Other financial advisor firms in Concord CA1 may use a cookie-cutter approach to build a plan.  Destination Wealth Management’s advisors consistently revisit, update and evolve your financial plan. Market conditions and regulations can change, especially in this uncertain economy. Our process allows us to adjust your financial plan as needed.


Close communication that keeps you informed

We believe communication is vital when choosing the right Concord financial advisor services1. We don’t want you to worry that global uncertainty and market volatility will make your financial planner invisible; we want you to understand your investment strategy as thoroughly as possible and therefore provide an open line of communication during both up and down markets.

That is why we keep a constant, open dialogue with our clients. When considering financial advisor firms in Concord CA1, make sure to ask about how they provide information to their clients.  At Destination, we deliver a weekly newsletter to our clients composed by our CEO, Michael Yoshikami. We also meet with each of our clients quarterly to update them on investment developments and help them understand our current portfolio positioning.

If you are looking for Concord financial advisor services1 that maintain honest and open lines of communication Destination Wealth Management would love to meet you. Call us today at 800.947.3864 to schedule your free consultation.

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