San Ramon

Technology investing can be a challenging endeavor particularly given how fast technology changes. Today’s market leaders can very easily slip into obscurity if the company does not innovate and remains to be a leader in the product or service it is providing. Too many investors suffered from the downturn in the year 2000 because the risks were simply not apparent or measured resulting in massive capital losses. While it is true that investing in technology tends to be a more volatile experience overall relative to other sectors, there are ways to mitigate risk and assess the volatility characteristics of a given investment strategy. The time to make this assessment is now, prior to a significant downturn so proactive action or at the very least an understanding of the risks involved, can be developed. With dedicated analysts with significant experience within the research team at Destination Wealth Management, we are particularly skilled at assessing technology investments to help our clients make judgments about these positions. While no one can specifically predict the future for technology and innovation trend lines, an understanding of the technology space is an important tool that can be most helpful when developing investment strategy around technology assets. We invite you to learn more about the resources available at Destination Wealth Management and would be happy to discuss your current investment strategy.