When looking for Santa Rosa financial advisor services1 you should look for professionals that can help you build a comprehensive financial plan and can develop an appropriate investment portfolio that complements that plan.  But your search shouldn’t stop there.  Your Santa Rosa financial advisor firms1 should be prepared to work with you over time to modify your financial plan as you grow older… and your life — and the financial markets — change.

Directing you down a path and hoping that you wander to your ultimate financial destination is not a sound game plan. That’s why you should be looking for financial advisor firms in Santa Rosa CA1 that treat your wealth management needs as an ongoing responsibility.

Destination Wealth Management is a trusted partner for a wide range of clients that are looking for financial advisor services in Santa Rosa CA1. We provide complete wealth management, with an emphasis on investing and comprehensive financial planning.


We can spot the weaknesses in your portfolio

Some Santa Rosa financial advisor firms1 might tell you that it’s nearly impossible to plan for a volatile market, but at Destination Wealth Management, we take a proactive approach that allows you to be prepared for uncertain times.

As one of your Santa Rosa financial advisor services firms1 we can run your investment portfolio through a type of stress test analysis – and we will do that free of charge and without further obligation.  We believe that markets may become more challenging in the future and we strive to help our clients prepare for a volatile market while keeping their financial plan intact.

We can identify some risks in your portfolio by investigating things like:

  • Volatility characteristics
  • Valuation metrics
  • Fixed income credit exposure and duration characteristics
  • Equity sector exposures and other risk factors

By exposing the weaknesses and risks in your portfolio, we’re able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your portfolio is positioned and ready for a volatile market if it arrives.


Are you shopping around for the right financial advisor firms in Santa Rosa CA1?

We invite you to schedule a meeting with Destination Wealth Management to see how our team of investment and financial planning professionals can fill your need for Santa Rosa financial advisor services1.  Call our offices today to schedule your consultation!

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