The 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Susan Jung |


20 years ago, I was on my way to the office early in the morning. It was about 6 am and I was talking to a bond trader in New York City. Suddenly, he interrupted me and said he needed to get off the phone……. something was happening. We hung up and I drove the remaining 15 minutes to my office.

It turns out this was the morning of September 11th and one that will stay with me forever. I still wonder what happened to the person I was talking to on the phone and if he was anywhere near the Twin Towers. Every September 11, I think about this person and the countless victims of this horrible event. 

No investment thoughts this week. Just reflection and prayers for all that were impacted on September 11. May they rest in peace and may their loved ones be in our thoughts during this difficult anniversary. 


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