Susan Jung |

I was driving into the office at about 6 o’clock in the morning on September 11, 2001. A cool clear morning driving on the highway. 

That morning, I was talking to a bond trader in New York City about placing a trade when he suddenly said, “I have to go, somethings happening”. I really don’t know what happened to that trader in New York, but I still wonder about him. The attacks were happening at that very moment.

I can still remember being in our DWM office and all of us wondering if a hijacked plane was headed to San Francisco and trying to figure out what we should do. It was a scary time.

On this solemn day, I just wanted to say out loud (from everyone at DWM) that we join you in thinking of those that were lost on that tragic day.  You may have been personally been impacted in some way or know someone that was. Our thoughts are with you.

Remembering that day causes us to again remember how important it is to think of others’ circumstances and conditions. It reaffirms our belief that helping others is so very important. In Hawaii we call it KeKokua: helping others. 

And as we help others, we hang on to an enduring hope. It’s fair to say 2020 has been a pretty eventful year. Unprecedented to be sure. But we focus on remembering that we persevered through 9-11 and we WILL move forward through the circumstances that we face today as well.  We really will. 

Be safe everyone. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this important day.

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