Audio Update on Bonds

Susan Jung |

As interest rates begin to rise and the economy begins to reopen, some are questioning the wisdom of owning fixed income given the current environment. In this month’s audio update, I am providing you DWM’s thoughts on bonds in portfolio strategies and highlighting how bonds work in a rising rate environment. 

I think you’ll find the information interesting. The topics we will be covering include the following:

  1. What is a bond?
  2. What makes bond prices move?
  3. What interest rate news could change the value of bonds?
  4. What makes interest rates go up?
  5. Are you concerned about bonds in portfolios if interest rates rise?
  6. Maybe I should just leave money in cash until interest rates go up. What do you think?
  7. How should my bond portfolio be positioned?
  8. What if interest rates rise? Won’t I regret owning bonds?
  9. Any last thoughts on bonds? 


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