DWM’s Sock Donation

Susan Jung |

As you may be aware, one of the most urgently requested items by homeless shelters are socks for those that are simply looking to stay warm during the cold season. Just imagine what it would be like if we all faced a chilly night without a simple and comforting pair of socks to help keep us warm. For that reason, we are gladly volunteering to provide help.

From all of us here at DWM, and in honor of your good wishes as well, we are donating about 3000 pairs of socks to six different organizations in California to be distributed to those in need. As deliveries were made, there was an overwhelming and grateful response from each of the shelters. Below you will see a few pictures to give you an idea of what that moment was like.


“With the winter comes a whole new set of challenges for people experiencing homelessness. That includes one of the most basic needs, staying warm.  Thank you, Destination Wealth Management, for spreading love and compassion with a simple gift, many of us take for granted. These socks are going to provide much more comfort as our clients navigate the struggles of homelessness.” 

– Berkeley Food & Housing Project

“We are so grateful to you and your company for sending us socks for people experiencing homelessness and our clients in LA County. There are 70,000 people homeless in LA County on a given night.

We will have a group of local volunteers come together and assemble these socks into hygiene kits with other self-care items. The kits are then used as an outreach tool to build rapport and trust with potential clients that need our services”

– Inner Law Center

We wish everyone a warm and safe New Years. See you in 2023. 


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