Economy, Markets, and Investment Strategy

Susan Jung |

I trust all of you are keeping safe and staying at home. Your health is so important, and we are hoping and praying that you are doing well in this challenging time.
This week’s video update focuses exclusively on investment strategy, markets, and the economy. I wanted to answer a few questions that I have received and share more detail on our investment thinking in this challenging environment.
The questions I will be answering are as follows:

  • You seem logical and calm; how do you keep emotions out of your decision process?
  • How bad is the economic downturn going to be? 
  • How far can the market drop from here?
  • Should I sell now and go to cash? Or should I invest more cash?
  • What shape will the economic recovery look like? V? U? L?
  • What shape will the market recovery look like? V? U? L?
  • What industry sectors will be the winners and the losers?
  • How long will it take for equites to get back to the market highs?
  • What will the signs be that we have started to bounce back from this economic crisis?
  • How will you invest during this crisis? Any changes?
  • When do you think that the world will get back to normal? What will be the signs?

You can watch here:

We are assessing information daily and adjusting as we need to given current headlines. The situation remains quite fluid but there is an emerging path out of this crisis.
As I shared in our last video update, we have been delivering lunch and snacks to medical professionals on the frontline of this virus crisis on behalf of Destination Wealth Management (as well as you as we know you are with us in spirit). Here are a few pictures of our DWM Hope Crew or follow us on our Instagram page- 

Delivering breakfast to Contra Costa Regional Hospital in Martinez.

Delivering lunch to Kaiser in San Leandro.

Providing boba to Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare in Pleasanton. 

If you would like to volunteer within our Bay Area community, here are some links that provide resources and information on how you can help. 

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