The Election and Investment Strategy

Susan Jung |

Election Uncertainty

There is a lot to be said about the election and how it will impact investment strategy.  It’s a complicated topic, so this week I am providing a video update sharing my thoughts on this topic.
In short, markets are going to be volatile and one needs to make a decision on how assets will be positioned moving into this unprecedented situation. We have given this a lot of thought and in this week’s video you will hear our viewpoints on the best course of action.
You can watch that video here:

Cash Positioning 

In some cases, we have maintained a larger than usual cash position to take advantage of market uncertainty. Presently, I don’t expect to raise additional cash and I don’t expect to be investing any remaining cash immediately. We have a list of assets that we believe are opportunities that may become discounted enough for inclusion in portfolios if there is a market downturn. We shall see.

Your Long Term Goals

We are taking actions that we believe are best for you and your long-term goals. We are taking actions that we believe increase the probability of success despite short term volatility and headlines. That’s our commitment and our discipline as we manage your portfolio.
I know these times are unsettling and on occasion we hear from people that have very strong feelings about what they think should be done regarding portfolio strategy. It’s important to remember that you have the ability to override any decisions we make (for example, if you wish to do something drastic moving into the election). It’s not our recommendation but we will certainly take into account your thoughts. Talk to us; we are listening.

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