Four Issues that Matter

Susan Jung |

It’s Wednesday, November 4th, and we still don’t know the outcome of the election. I would imagine it’s going to take a day or two and then have legal challenges to follow so it will be some time. 
Of course, we will be watching the outcome carefully as well as how the balance in the legislative bodies will impact legislative agenda and proposals by the administration. We will keep you posted on our thoughts as more information is available and races are settled.
In the meantime, there are four issues that matter for markets and the economy that will be are watching. They include the following:

  • Inflation and interest rates
  • Coronavirus cases
  • Company earnings
  • GDP levels

These four issues will paint a picture of what the economy looks like and how we assess each of these items on a regular basis. On this month’s audio update, I comment more extensively on these four items. You can listen to that here: 

I hope you find this helpful. If you do have any questions on these updates or the audio, feel free to hit reply and I’m happy to answer your question personally.

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