Gather Your Papers!

George Chin |

It’s a new year and time to gather financial documents that need to be stored in a safe place. One never knows when an emergency might arise. Having these documents in a central location will be very helpful.
This is not an exhaustive list but it’s a good start!

Estate/Health Care

  • Living trust
  • Other estate documents
  • Personal and family medical history    
  • Durable healthcare power of attorney
  • Authorization to release healthcare info    
  • Living will
  • Do not resuscitate order    
  • Gifting history


  • Last two-years tax return
  • Current outstanding IRS debt agreement


  • Bank accounts
  • Individual retirement accounts   
  • 401(k) accounts
  • Brokerage accounts    
  • Annuity accounts
  • All other financial accounts

Debt Accounts

  • Mortgage statements
  • Secondary home loan documents    
  • Credit card and revolving loans   
  • Auto loan statement
  • Other debt


  • Life insurance policies    
  • Disability policy
  • LTC policies
  • Home/Auto policies    
  • Annuity contracts

Proof of Ownership

  • Housing, land, and cemetery deeds    
  • Escrow mortgage accounts
  • Proof of loans made, and debts owed    
  • Vehicle titles
  • Partnership and corporate agreements

Marriage and Divorce

  • Marriage license    
  • Divorce papers
  • Dependent decrees and stipulations


  • List of all usernames and passwords    
  • List of safe-deposit boxes
  • Other financial agreements  
  • Personal statement to heirs    
  • Pension documents
  • Family limited partnership agreements


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