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It's Thanksgiving. In a year that seems so unbelievably troubled, perhaps some may find it difficult to think about all that we have to be thankful for. That is certainly understandable given the challenges that we face today.
On this Thanksgiving holiday, it's important that we all take stock and recognize what really matters most to us and the things that give us great joy. The closeness of family, the kindness of friends, and the hope that the future can be better than today. We live in a country that, despite its obvious challenges, continues to be a place where opportunity and hope still have a home. I’m sure you have other blessings that come to mind.
I know for me, I am so grateful for my family, friends, the entire team here at DWM, AND for all of you for the trust that you've shown us in allowing us to help you move forward toward your goals. It's our honor and something that we do not take for granted.
Of course, among us live some souls that have less to be thankful for. This includes those that are impoverished and abused, many lacking resources, the homeless, and too many sadly facing the horrible prospect of a lonely and empty holiday season. Our hearts go out to them.
As a way to express our hope that a brighter day may lie ahead, even for those poor in blessings, we are continuing our annual tradition called:
DWM Happy SocksGiving Mission

As you may be aware, one of the most urgently requested items by homeless shelters are socks for those that are simply looking to stay warm during the cold season. Just imagine what it would be like if we all faced a chilly night without a simple and comforting pair of socks to help keep us warm. For that reason, we are gladly volunteering to provide help.
From all of us here at DWM, and in honor of your good wishes as well, we are donating over 5000 pairs of socks to shelters in Northern California to be distributed to those in need. As deliveries were made, there was an overwhelming and grateful response from each of the shelters.  Below you will see a few pictures to give you an idea of what that moment was like.

Larkin Street Youth Services is a nonprofit empowering young people to move beyond homelessness. Founded in 1984, they’ve helped over 75,000 young adults in San Francisco by providing a continuum of healthcare, housing, employment, and education services. They’re also part of the movement to end youth homelessness on a national scale through policy partnerships with national organizations and fellow nonprofits.

Presbyterian Food Ministry feeds 300 people on Sundays and Mondays. Located at the northern edge of downtown Oakland, our recipients are often homeless or living in marginal circumstances. For many, access to money, food, shelter, water and cleanliness is a constant dilemma. We serve those who come to our location at 27th and Broadway, at the First Presbyterian Church of Oakland. Additionally, we distribute lunches to those living on the streets.

B.O.S.S. (Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency) at their South Hayward location. They have locations in Oakland, Berkley, Hayward, and San Leandro. Their mission is predicated on helping the homeless, poor, and those that are disabled on achieving health and self-sufficiency and fighting against the root cause of poverty and homelessness.

Monument Crisis Center is a community-based non-profit family resource center for Central and East Contra Costa County. They offer nutritious food, quality resources and referrals to those in need in order to help them become stable and secure in our community.

Rainbow Community Center has been serving the Bay Area community since 1995. They provide a variety of support options to those in need including transitional housing resources, meals, legal help, medical help, social opportunities, and counselling. They even offer free therapy services via zoom.

It's Thanksgiving. Please accept my best wishes for a safe holiday filled with warmth and kindness between you and your loved ones.  

Happy Thanksgiving ?

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