Inflation Reminder

Susan Jung |

Virtual Event Recording
Last week I presented an online virtual event on how DWM selects assets for inclusion into portfolios. We recorded that presentation for your review. Click here to watch this video on how the research team at DWM makes investment decisions. 

There’s so much talk about inflation and how it might impact future purchasing power. What is inflation? Very simply, it is an indication of the increase in prices at a future point in time. 
This seems to be a particularly hot topic of discussion lately. I suppose this is not surprising given the massive amount of money that will be inserted into the financial system through Federal Reserve policy actions as well as the new administration’s stimulus efforts. 
Inflation impacts everyone. As an example of how prices can increase over time, we’ve put together a few ads from decades ago showing low prices that might bring back some memories for you; I’m sure you remember some of these advertisements! 

Enjoy, reminisce, and recognize that you do need to plan for inflation. It’s something we are focused on as we invest your portfolio.

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