George Chin |

I have no doubt you have read about the tragedy in Maui and those that have been significantly impacted by fires on the island. Several of you have reached out to me asking if my family and loved ones are okay. Gratefully, they are. I am from the Big Island so we were spared this horrible tragedy. 
We will be making a significant contribution to Maui relief efforts, and we are focusing on providing direct relief to those that have been impacted. If you would like to consider making a donation, there are several charitable organizations receiving contributions such as:  

Hawaii Community Foundation-
Maui United Way-  
American Red Cross-
Maui Food Bank-   

And of course, there are many other alternatives you can donate to as the world seems to be rallying around Maui.
In times like these, "aloha" means something even more. It means warm embrace and a greeting and that is certainly needed in this case. 
As for upcoming issues to be thinking about regarding the markets and economy, yet again, we are concerned that there might be a shutdown of the U.S. government because of disagreements over an appropriation bill. Expect the same fire drill as before. It just goes on and on.  


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