The Presidential Election, Low Interest Rates, Market Volatility, and Portfolio Positioning

Susan Jung |

4 Issues

  1. Presidential election: Tax policy and governmental regulation is what will matter.
  2. Low interest rates: DWM has adjusted fixed income strategies based on anticipated long-term low rates.
  3. Market volatility: Perpetual and likely elevated in the month of November and December until an outcome is announced for the presidential election.
  4. Portfolio positioning: We have already adjusted portfolios based on expected volatility and opportunity.

Curious regarding more details on our thoughts and portfolio positioning in today’s environment? We have put together a special program to hear directly from me our thoughts on this and other issues.
Next week we will provide a video update for you in a live virtual format on our views on the current market environment and economy. This is a special presentation for you as a client of DWM that I think you’ll find informative.

Last week’s video was a little long. Here’s the short version of the intermission video I was thinking of inserting. Enjoy the memories!! 


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