Questions and Answers

Susan Jung |

This Week’s Video Update

I thought it might be instructive to provide answers to questions that I am commonly asked during this unprecedented situation. I think you will find it helpful in understanding our viewpoint regarding today’s current crisis. 

We will keep our thoughts coming. Remember your investment strategy is connected to your long-range plans.

Michael’s Recent Media Interview

Michael comments last night on what additional action is needed to address crisis. 

March 17, 2020: CNBC- Decisive government action is key to tackling the coronavirus pandemic, says investment manager. 

Warren Buffet’s View

Unprecedented conditions continue to dominate the headlines. These are uncertain times to be sure. Warren Buffett always says not to panic. He knows a little bit about market panic having been around longer than I have.'s scary. 

One Operational Item

As I shared in my last note, we are open and working for you. One thing to keep in mind. Please do not send any checks or hard copy forms via mail or FEDEX.  Please send electronic versions or reach out to us and we can coordinate. Thank you.

Always, Always, Always Here to Help

Again, if you have any questions, please let me know. Please take care and stay safe. Next update will be in a couple days. 

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