Staying Connected

Susan Jung |

During this pandemic crisis, we remain committed to being here for you. You may not be aware of the resources available to you, so this list may be helpful.  If you would like access to any of the resources below, please let us know. We’re happy to get you connected!

Connection Resources 

Your DWM Advisor

  • On a regular basis, you will meet with a financial advisor to discuss whether your portfolio strategy makes sense for your current situation and to review details regarding how assets are invested. 
  • We take great pride in providing you information about your portfolio strategy. 

Weekly Common Sense Updates

  • Each week we provide you with a weekly update on news of the day that we believe is important that you are aware of. 
  • It will outline our thoughts on the headlines as well as how it impacts investment strategy.

Weekly Video Broadcasts

  • Each quarter we will produce a video update, specifically designed to provide our clients with information and thoughts on the headlines.
  • These videos provide a simple overview of issues that may affect portfolio strategy and any decisions we might make on portfolios on your behalf.

DWM Client Portal

  • Our online client portal is a great way to access your portfolio strategy. 
  • It shows you your investment strategy, details about your portfolio, and it is also a depository for a number of important reports, including your quarterly update, past videos, past portfolio review reports and other portfolio information. 

Virtual Video Discussions

  • Technology is available to provide video conferences with you including sharing details about your portfolio strategy on screen.  It’s a custom visual presentation developed just for you. This format provides the opportunity to see each other and discuss any questions that you might have while referencing your actual portfolio details on screen. 

We hope this brief overview illustrates our commitment in keeping you informed. Bottom line is that we are here and working on your behalf.


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