Susan Jung |

In this week’s video update, I discuss volatility and how it is impacting portfolio strategy. The subtopics covered include:

  1. Why are the markets so volatile?
  2. 4 Key headlines impacting volatility.
  3. Do the factors change on a weekly basis?
  4. Uncertainty level
  5. Mechanical reasons for market volatility
  6. Portfolio Strategy


As I’ve said before, unfortunately volatility is here to stay. The key is to invest in a way that moves you towards your long-term financial objectives while still limiting volatility to a level that is emotionally survivable. That’s an important part of selecting an investment objective; how much volatility can one live with.
We continue to stress test our portfolios on a regular basis against a variety of factors. We continue to look on a detailed basis at every individual asset that we buy in order to assess its volatility footprint. We weigh risk against return opportunity and that is the core of our overall investment philosophy: seeking return and doing our best to reduce risk.

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