What Happens to the Economy/Markets if a Second Virus Outbreak Occurs in the Fall?

Susan Jung |

As the economy continues to open, many are rightly concerned about what the impact might be if there is a second wave of infection in the fall. In our view, this is an almost certain outcome as we do not have an effective vaccine.
We are already starting to see how some countries are handling second outbreaks. Countries such as China, Italy, France, and South Korea, are taking quick and immediate action on a targeted basis as clusters pop up. It would appear the key to controlling the outbreak is to be quick and decisive to isolate the area that is experiencing a rise in cases.
This will be an imperative in the United States. Decisive action leads to positive results.
In this week's video update, I share my thoughts on what the consequences to the US economy and markets might be if a second outbreak occurs. I also describe how we invest based on the possible outcomes. You can watch the video at this location:


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