What makes you different?
We are a fiduciary investment advisor focused on your best interests. We have a proprietary team of investment professionals conducting original research. We have an incredible group of financial planning professionals to help you navigate today's complex financial environment. Most importantly, we provide the services with care and empathy.

What services do you provide?
We provide wealth management comprising both financial planning and investment management.

What is your investment philosophy?
Our investment philosophy is fundamental in nature, factoring in current conditions and macro events. We make tactical adjustments as necessary while maintaining our core focus on appropriately allocating your portfolio strategy based on your goals and objectives.

What financial planning services do you provide?
Dedicated financial planning is a foundation benefit of working with Destination Wealth Management. We develop a financial strategic plan without additional cost to help you strategize the best path forward towards your life and investment goals.

Where are you located?
Our company headquarters is located in Walnut Creek, California.  We have meeting locations throughout Northern California including Santa Clara, Sacramento and Fresno.  We serve clients throughout the United States and internationally.

How long has DWM been around?
Our firm was founded in 1986 by our CEO, Michael Yoshikami. 

What does it mean you are an independent firm?
We are an independent privately-held company. We have no outside investors or parent company. We work for our clients and nobody else.

What is the fiduciary standard?
Registered Investment Advisors (like us) have to legally follow a fiduciary standard. It means that we are legally obligated to put our client’s best interests first. This means avoiding conflicts of interests.

What kind of assets do you use in your portfolio?
We use a variety of assets including individual stocks/bonds, exchange traded funds, institutional mutual funds, and alternative assets (preferred stocks, REITS, commodities). The assets utilized depend on each client’s strategy and preference.

Do you offer discretionary investment management?
Yes. Before we invest, we discuss the investment plan with you so you are fully aware of your investment strategy. Once we start trading, we are proactive and trade on a discretionary basis to execute buy/sell decisions in your portfolio.


What is the process of becoming a client?
We typically have an introductory meeting to listen to your needs, ask questions, provide some initial analysis and see if it’s a good fit. We will review your planning needs and current investment portfolio. There is no cost or obligation for these introductory meetings.

Contact us at 800-947-3864. We can start a discussion in person or by phone.

How are you compensated?
We are compensated based on a percentage of assets under our direct management. That’s it. No commissions. Fee only so you know we are unbiased in our recommendations.

Where would my investment assets be held?
We do not directly hold any investment assets. We utilize custodians such as Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments. We only have limited authority on accounts to buy/sell investments and bill/debit for our fees.

If I become a client, how long do I have to commit?
There is no required length of commitment. However, we strongly recommend long term thinking when embarking on any new investment strategy or relationship.

What kind of communication and reports would I receive?
We pride ourselves in providing communication to keep you informed about your strategy. Our dedicated web portal and app can provide you daily information on your portfolio strategy. Each quarter we provide a video update on conditions in the market and how it affects investment strategy. Each week you will receive an update from Destination Wealth Management highlighting news of the day and how it might affect your overall strategy. We pride ourselves in communication.

Can you work with my other professionals?
Yes. In fact, it’s important for us to coordinate with your other professionals. We can provide reports including gain/loss reports for taxes and other documents to any parties you currently work with.

Can you suggest or recommend an attorney or accountant?
Yes. We work with a number of qualified professionals covering a broad range of specialties.