Community and Culture

Destination Wealth Management |

Michael Yoshikami:

Destination Wealth Management believes in being a good corporate citizen. That means we not only care about the community, but we care about the team that is here serving you. Our charity efforts reflect our belief that it is important to help those in the community that need assistance. Through our charitable foundation, KeKokua we provide services and support to those in the community that need our help. There are many examples of the charitable efforts that Destination engages in, but let's just talk about a few. When you first walk into Destination Wealth Management, you notice the colored tiles, but these are not just colored ceiling tiles. They represent time and money donated to various charities within the community. Our goal as the company continues to expand and move forward is to have an office full of colored ceiling tiles, reflecting our commitment to others that need our support.

It is our view that having as much impact as possible and as many different ways as possible is an important effort if you're to be a good corporate citizen in the community. The pursuit of higher education is an important goal for many people. For that reason, Destination Wealth Management, every year provides scholarships to those seeking higher education, who do not have the resources to pursue that education. Our charitable donations are coordinated by our dedicated charity committee, focused on how our resources are allocated among the various charity organizations that we support. We believe it is also important to provide a positive and encouraging work environment for team members at Destination Wealth Management. We've designed our workspace to be an open and comfortable environment, fun and free of the usual constraints that most offices have. We believe it's important to make sure every team member feels appreciated and valued. We believe that treating others with respect and being a good steward of resources in the community allows us to provide our best efforts to you as our client. Thank you so much for watching. This is Michael Yoshikami, CEO of Destination Wealth Management.