D360 w/Michael Yoshikami

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Michael Yoshikami:

Hello, this is Michael Yoshikami, CEO of Destination Wealth Management and I wanted to share with you a key feature of working with Destination. It's a program we call D360. We take a 360° view of your overall financial picture with careful discussions about each area. The first step begins with a comprehensive financial discussion with you. We want to learn more about what your goals and objectives are, what special issues you have, any items that you need attention on in terms of your financial life. It all begins with discussion. Number two, we want to understand your tax situation, whether it's capital gains, ordinary income tax. This includes discussions with qualified tax professionals that can help assess your current taxation situation. Third, we want to understand estate and gift related issues. We will connect to estate planning professionals to help us determine what action is necessary regarding your overall estate and gifting strategy.\

Understanding your estate considerations is important. Fourth, we will develop a blueprint for you of your overall financial life: investment, tax, estate, and any other issues that might impact your long-term financial future. A D360 blueprint provides you a visual assessment of your entire financial life. It's a tremendously powerful tool to really get a handle on all of those issues that are sometimes hard to keep track of. It's your one page visual summary of your overall financial life. Number five, after we discuss financial planning issues, then we develop investment strategy that we believe is appropriate for you, your family, and meeting your long-term objectives. Investments must be part of your overall strategic plan. They work together hand in hand, and that synergy can be incredibly powerful.

And number six, financial strategies are not developed as a one-time static event. It should be the beginning of a process on an ongoing basis where we analyze investment strategy, financial planning strategy, and examine on a continual basis your overall financial goals. We believe that together, we can develop the right financial planning strategy for you to give you the greatest chance of success moving forward. And we believe D360 will give us the tool to be able to help you move successfully forward in your financial life. If you have any questions about this information, do not hesitate to contact us here at Destination Wealth Management. I'm Michael Yoshikami, CEO of DWM. Thank you so much for watching.