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Are your financials making you fret? Your investments causing indigestion? Making sound investments can be overwhelming, but you can move towards the future focused on financial freedom with Destination Wealth Management. Founded in the Bay Area in 1986, DWM is a nationally recognized independent investment advisory firm that manages the client portfolio of more than $3.2 billion. The secret to DWM’s success? Our team of over 15 certified financial planner professionals, including founder Michael Yoshikami, and a talented in-house research department conducting proprietary investment research.

This powerful combination of services is delivered with empathy and a real concern for you. And importantly, DWM is a fee for service firm. You'll never be sold a product you don't want or need just for a commission. Destination Wealth Management is ready to develop a plan just for you. Contact us at info@destinationwm.com to say hello, or ask any questions.