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Michael Yoshikami:

Hello, this is Michael Yoshikami, CEO of Destination Wealth Management and Head of the Research Investment Policy Committee here at Destination Wealth Management.

Together with my Chief Investment Strategist, Craig Gentry, we work with our entire research team to structure and invest portfolio strategies in a way that we believe are appropriate given today's current conditions. We have carefully developed our investment philosophy over many years. And I thought it might be helpful to give you a basic overview of this philosophy so you understand how we make investment decisions and investment judgments in portfolios.

First, we are a fundamental analysis firm. What this means is we look at cashflow, real data, as we make decisions about investment portfolios. We are not a momentum manager and we believe long-term fundamental analysis provides the best opportunity for long-term investment success.

Next, fundamental research we believe can be impacted by current conditions. These conditions include market conditions, economic environment, global issues, and a variety of other macro issues that could impact the results of companies and asset groups.

We believe original proprietary research can make a difference. We believe there is no substitute for gathering information and making one's own judgements about investment and economic issues.

Once research is conducted and a portfolio strategy implemented, it is important to monitor that strategy both on an overall basis, as well as looking at individual assets to see if adjustments need to occur. It's important to recognize that we are not a timing firm and we are not going to engage in high turnover activity. But we will take action as needed based on conditions and when we believe it is prudent.

And importantly, we believe that any strategy that is implemented and designed should be particularly well-suited for a client's goals and objectives. One size does not fit all. And we believe making sure that investment strategies are appropriate is a key part of investment strategy and planning strategy here at Destination Wealth Management.

We are proud of our investment research process, and we look forward to delivering that product to you as your investment manager.

This is Michael Yoshikami, CEO of Destination Wealth Management and Head of the Investment Policy Committee. Thank you so much for watching.