Your Financial Planning Article

by Susan Jung on

Long Term Care: Maryjeanne Sandusky, CFP®, Vice President, Destination Wealth Management Services

I am in the “peace of mind” business. One of the greatest satisfactions I enjoy from my job is to see that sense of relief on clients’ faces upon completion of their financial plans. It would have told...

Seven Questions for Craig Gentry

by Susan Jung on

Each quarter I will be conducting an interview with a member of the Research and Trading teams to give you a general sense of the background of the professionals we have working on your behalf. The first interview of this series is with Craig Gentry, MBA, Chief Investment Strategist of DWM.


Five Recent Questions

by Susan Jung on

Every quarter, I like to answer a few questions that I receive via email and personal appearances. Perhaps a few of these questions you may have wondered about as well and I hope my responses provide additional clarity on how we think about investing.
Question 1: Is there going to be a correction...

Time Horizon

by Susan Jung on

I was on CNBC this week debating the merits of a particular stock with an investment strategist and there was one specific line that he mentioned during our conversation that I thought was telling. As usual, I was arguing for less reactive long-term perspective on the stock we were discussing,...

Our View on Interest Rates

by Susan Jung on

Over the last several newsletters, I’ve been detailed and somewhat exhaustive in terms of describing our investment strategy. I think you probably would agree that these long newsletters, while informative, were a bit much in terms of the sheer volume of information. I wanted to provide as much...