Tax Reform is Happening

by Susan Jung on

As of today, it looks like tax reform is going to happen this year. High level points are as follows:

  • Corporate tax rates will be significantly reduced 
  • Repatriation of corporate cash outside of the United States to receive a reduced tax rate
  • Itemized exemptions will be subject to new guidelines ...

The End of Net Neutrality

by Susan Jung on

This week an FCC ruling that was implemented during the last administration was repealed. The regulation prohibited internet providers from selectively adjusting internet speeds delivered to consumers and businesses. The repeal now means that large companies that control internet gateways into...

Your Questions

by Susan Jung on

Every now and then I like to pause from my normal focused commentary and answer questions I am asked by many of you in person and via email. Often these are also the questions that I hear about as I appear in the media. I trust you will find the responses enlightening. 


1. With the tax plan...

The Global Economy

by Susan Jung on

With equity markets continuing to march forward and hitting record highs, it’s reasonable to continue to ask the question that I am asked consistently: WHY?  

I was asked that question this week in New York when I appeared on CNBC this past Wednesday. In addition to extended segments talking about...


by Susan Jung on

I cannot express to you enough how personally thankful I am for your trust and belief that we have your best interests at heart. When I started this company many years ago, my focus was to create a firm that was different. I believe strongly, and still do, that there is a need for companies and...

The debate over tax reform continues with the final package likely to be unveiled in the next 30 days. It is our view that there is a 75% chance that tax reform will happen this year. Given the likelihood of the legislation moving forward, we thought it might be helpful to provide you insight on a...


by Susan Jung on

Every week there is a new headline talking about a new digital currency called Bitcoin. It seems as of late it’s been hitting an all-time high every day. It’s a controversial topic with Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan stating he believes it’s a mirage and has no real value.

A New Federal Reserve Leader

by Susan Jung on

With the appointment of Jerome Powell to be the new Federal Reserve chair, investors are correctly wondering what impact this might have on fiscal policy. It is an understandable concern as interest rate policy is one of the main drivers for economic activity in the United States and tends to...

Why Tax Reform Matters to You

by Susan Jung on

Tax reform and the anticipated tax cuts that will likely be passed in the next six months will probably impact you. We believe that not only will it have an effect on the overall equity and bond market, but it will also likely effectively change tax rates for most Americans and Corporate America. ...

Federal Reserve Chairman

by Susan Jung on

With Janet Yellen’s current chair responsibilities coming up for renewal in the near future, talk is heating up as to whether or not the President will reappoint Janet Yellen as chair of the Federal Reserve. Most Fed watchers believe it is unlikely she will be reappointed and instead be replaced...

Heartbreak in North Bay

by Susan Jung on

It is tragic what is occurring in Northern California as fire impacts the North Bay. The photo above is a flyover of the Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa. Incredible.

We personally know people that have been deeply impacted by this event. DWM staff, as well as those we know and serve, are...

Why is the Market Going Up?

by Susan Jung on

The question I hear most frequently from those we work with is a very simple question: Why is the market going up as much as it has?

That’s a very good question. There are a number of reasons that we believe provide the foundation for the upward market movement. These include:

  • Low energy prices...