A Perspective on Uncertainty

by Susan Jung on

The question I am asked most often is a simple one:

What keeps me and DWM up at night related to the economy and the markets? 

Given the uncertainty we currently face in today’s geo-political climate, it’s no wonder many speculate on what perils may await us given near daily surprising headlines...

Political Drama

by Susan Jung on

I’m sure you’ve noticed in the news there seems to be some drama going on in Washington right now with guilty pleas, guilty convictions, social media responses, and significant drama related to politics.

I am often asked why the political drama playing out on a daily basis doesn't impact the...


by Susan Jung on

I was on KCBS and CNBC this week and a topic of conversation that was of particular interest was the current crisis in the small European country of Turkey. It’s in the headlines and there’s a reason why this is an important story.

The next economic crisis facing the global economy is the current...

Your Strategic Plan

by Susan Jung on

This week’s update is really just a quick reminder of a few things you should be aware of as you plan your financial strategy. These discussions are part of the service that we provide from our 15 Certified Financial Planner™ professionals at Destination Wealth Management. 

Take this quick quiz...

Emerging Markets

by Susan Jung on

It seems like just yesterday investors were clamoring to buy more emerging market (EM) stocks after a rally in 2016. Suddenly those wanting to load up on foreign positions seem to be quiet after the problems emerging markets have been facing given recent trade headlines. This volatility is not...

Trade Peace with Europe

by Susan Jung on

Okay, that was fast. After war of words with Europe, the administration now is saying that there is a framework in place for discussions to resolve contentious trade related issues. The goal as stated by both parties is to move towards a zero-tariff trade policy (which is the definition of free...

$80 Billion Trade War Threshold

by Susan Jung on

I presented to a group of sophisticated investors today on a variety of topics including our thoughts on current trade war rhetoric and the impact on markets. In particular, I was asked why the markets have not responded more negatively to talks of tariffs.

While some tariffs have been...


by Susan Jung on

Interest rate increases are often times considered to be the one factor that most impacts equity and bond market returns. It is true that interest rate policy has an impact on the economy and it is something we watch carefully. But interest rate increases do not happen in a vacuum and tend to be...


by Susan Jung on

I’ve just returned from China and had multiple discussions with business leaders and investment strategists regarding the current state of affairs between the United States and China.  
In mainland China the government is not providing as much information to the regular population compared to...

Trade War?

by Susan Jung on

What a world we live in. The headlines are just incredible, and the top of possible trade war seems to be dominating the business news cycle (and for good reason). A couple of months ago I wrote an update talking about the possibility of a trade war and what the impact might be on the economy....

8 Takeaways on DWM Investment Philosophy

by Susan Jung on

Thanks to everyone that commented on the level of transparency we provide as we manage assets. We are pleased to keep you informed. 
Here are eight excerpts I thought might be helpful points from our recent three-part series on DWM investment strategy. It all matters, but these eight highlight a...

Part 3: DWM Investment Philosophy

by Susan Jung on

This is the last in the series of three updates outlining our investment philosophy as we manage portfolios. If you would like a PDF document of this entire interview, just let us know and we will send it over to you.

Thank you!

Part 3:  Investment Philosophy and Process

How do you invest fixed...