Jobs and Interest Rates

by Susan Jung on

The market, and DWM, expect a rate cut this year. The economy is slowing and the Federal Reserve has changed their language to reflect this perception. The key metric to watch for is job creation and job growth.  It is the number we watch very carefully. A recent article by CNBC outlined what...

Labor Trends

by Susan Jung on

I was driving this week in the Central Valley and noticed businesses shutting down and spaces for lease. Next to several businesses that have closed were signs advertising open positions. It's interesting to see side-by-side the trends in labor and business. The businesses that were closing were...

Stanford Event

by Susan Jung on

This past week I was asked to moderate a panel of visiting Chinese officials with US technology investors. The event, sponsored by the government of Nanking in cooperation with CNBC Asia, was well attended and provided a fascinating insight into relationships between China and US economic interests....

Economic Data

by Susan Jung on

As you know, we've been saying for some time that the economy is likely not as strong as some have hoped; the underlying data on economic growth has been tepid at best. This supports our view that interest rates are likely not to rise this year, and in fact, likely will fall. Our base case...

The Changing Demographics of Retail

by Susan Jung on

We have long believed that consumers would move towards brands and retailers that focus on discounted inventories. As the economy slows long-term because of changing demographics, we believe this trend will continue. Our focus on retail names reflects our view on the long-term growth prospects for...

More Noise about China US Trade

by Susan Jung on

Markets continue to struggle as the US and China ramp up their rhetoric accusing each other of negotiating in bad faith. The negative headlines have impacted market sentiment. The most recent headline focuses on China’s threat to withhold shipments of rare earth minerals used in industrial...

Children Are Important

by Susan Jung on

I've been meaning to write something about a topic that is not financial, but important to everyone at DWM. It is important to DWM that we are good corporate citizens and give back to others.  Serving you matters to us; it’s our mission and passion.  And as we serve you, we also want to help those...

Uncertain Environment

by Susan Jung on

The news on a daily basis suggest that the world we live in will not be calming down anytime in the near future. This is likely the new normal as globalization and political uncertainty continue to rile the market.

I was recently asked how we might adapt to this new environment. More particularly,...

The IPO Market

by Susan Jung on

Both Uber and Lyft came to market in the last two weeks as they attempt to raise funds to continue their efforts to become leaders in autonomous transportation. Both IPOs were met with disdain by investors with each company's stock price falling well below its IPO price. The fall in the prices of...

The Status of China US Trade Talks

by Susan Jung on

Negotiations are fun, right? China in the last week has pulled back a number of their proposed concessions in advance of the Vice Premier’s visit to the United States on Friday. highlighted the changes in China’s proposals regarding substantive points previously negotiated.



The Looming College Debt Crisis

by Susan Jung on

I recently discussed with an entrepreneur his plans for putting his four kids through college. They all have solid grades and look to be on track to attend prestigious, well-respected schools. After saving $400,000 in a 529 plan (not an insignificant amount of money), he estimates he will still...

Media Streaming Trends

by Susan Jung on

If you have a Netflix account, you are not alone. Streaming services continue to capture market share and we believe this trend will continue.

We also believe that as this trend moves forward, consolidation will occur. Reports in the media suggests that Disney is in talks to buy the remaining...