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What is investor apathy? It’s investing on the assumption that markets are logical, that significant fluctuation downward is a thing of the past, that the worst cannot happen, and that optimism is justified regardless of fiscal or economic news. It seems to me this is happening a little bit now...

Protectionism and Tariffs

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Gary Cohn’s resignation this week was likely related to the administration’s recent proposals to implement tariffs on steel and aluminum. According to media reports, Mr. Cohn was against this policy. He had tried to coordinate meetings with other executives outside of the aluminum and steel...

High-Frequency Trading

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It’s not a surprise that markets continue to be volatile. While economic and corporate news certainly does influence swings in market values, below the surface another more potent force is at work causing significant fluctuations in trading assets. 

What causes market volatility to be so severe,...

Federal Reserve Commentary

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With Federal Reserve minutes released this week, market watchers analyze transcripts for clues to interest rate policy. Interest rate policy matters as it does impact economic growth. As stated in last week’s update, what is key is the slope of the interest rate increases. The steeper the slope,...

Interest Rates, CPI, and Duration

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We have been saying for some time now that we believe interest rates would rise. For readers of this update on a regular basis, this has been a consistent theme that we believe should be an important consideration as fixed income assets are invested. In advance of potential interest rate...

What to Make About Market Volatility

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If you stand on the street corner and predict that one day there will be an accident, eventually there will be. This is very similar to those that have been saying, including me, that it is inevitable that the market endure a correction after an unprecedented rally. This is what has...

As we continue to press forward with this quarter’s earnings season, market volatility continues to be significant based on the numbers companies report. What is often perplexing to investors is why sometimes companies are volatile even if they report earnings that were officially in line with...

Trade Policy

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The announcement this week that tariffs would be levied on imported solar panels and washing machines is one of many steps likely to be implemented by the current administration relative to trade tariffs. The wisdom of this strategy varies depending on one’s political persuasion and economic...

The Equity Markets and the Economy

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A question I am often asked is how equity markets are connected to the overall economy. The premise is a simple one: if the equity markets are hitting all-time highs, does that necessarily mean the economy is doing well?
One might be tempted to assume that because the Dow recently closed above...

“Melt Up”

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There is a term used of late by the media to describe a potential rise in the market based on investor’s fear of missing out on potential returns. This expression, “melt up”, refers to a large wave of cash that might push into the market helping fuel additional rallies. It’s a theoretical concept...


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I was in Asia recently and it is always quite interesting to assess the current economic climate and investment issues dominating Asia’s headlines. These international trips also provide me the opportunity to gather differing perspectives on global economic and market conditions.

Here are a few...

A Very Happy and Safe New Year

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As we continue to assess the recently signed tax law, it’s apparent the complexity of the legislation will require additional time to assess and analyze. We are currently pouring through the adjustments and will update you on the highlights in the very near future.

I am currently in Asia and have...